Endorsement Process
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We believe that citizens in every Minnesota community rely on businesses to sustain their economic and civic lives. Likewise, every Minnesota business leader needs all Minnesotans to be well-informed, well-paid, and healthy if she hopes to have her business thrive. We believe that the lives of Minnesotans and the success of Minnesota.s business are inextricably linked. Because this is so, we support economic practices based on the following principles:

* Community members and businesses leaders should have regular, ongoing conversations about issues of common concern.
* Businesses and working people should obey all applicable labor and workplace law, including laws barring discrimination in hiring and promotion.
* Consumers and business leaders should not tolerate businesses that engage in unethical or illegal competitive practices such as "predatory pricing" or "price gouging".
* Consumers, neighbors, employees, and business leaders have a right to know about a business. standards and practices when those standards and practices directly affect the health, safety, or quality of life of any of these stakeholders.
* In the spirit of St. Paul's Living Wage Policy (and common sense), workers should live near (and be able to afford to live near) where they work.

As the world.s largest transnational corporation, we believe it is both prudent and reasonable that Wal-Mart Corporation adhere to the following set of community standards before opening for business in St. Paul, MN:

1) Wal-Mart will meet with community stakeholders quarterly for two years after the store opens to the public;
2) Wal-Mart will obey all applicable labor and workplace law, including law that bars discrimination on the basis of gender, race, creed, class, or sexual orientation;
3) Wal-Mart will not engage in unethical or illegal competitive practices and will agree to non-competition agreements on items to be determined by local business owners;
4) At no expense to Wal-Mart Corporation, Wal-Mart will allow an independent investigator to review the manufacturing standards used for products Wal-Mart produces for its stores;
5) Wal-Mart will hire 60% of its employees and 30% of its managers from the neighborhood surrounding the store at starting wage of no less than $9.50 an hour with full health and welfare benefits;*

We therefore join with other Minnesota organizations and citizens in endorsing this campaign.

____________________________________________________ (Organization)

____________________________________________________ (Authorized Signature)

_________________ (Date)

* Terms of agreement remain subject to change.


All meaningful public relationships are sustained with vigilance and accountability. Without your support and active involvement we will be unable to create the just and economically viable community that we envision. Please let us know how you would like to be involved by providing the information requested below.

Organization: ________________________________________________________

Key contact: _________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________

Fax: ____________________________

E-mail: ________________________

Web address:__________________________

Preferred way to get updates and action requests: Mail __ Fax __ Email __

Your resources:

# of members:_______________

Regions of strength in the state (list cities if possible): ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________


Contact Name/Info for Newsletter:__________________________________

Do you have Action Alerts? Yes___ No____

Are your Action Alerts by Mail___ Email____

Do you have a phone bank? Yes___ No___

Please indicate which of the following items
your organization will do

__ Run articles in your newsletter.
# of recipients ___
__ Sponsor a 15 minute presentation on
Wal-Mart at your board or member meeting.

Mobilizing Your Members Yourselves:
__ Distribute action alerts to your members.

Allowing Us to Mobilize Your Members:
__ Give us a list of activists to contact.

Candidates & Elected Officials:
__ Help sign up elected officials in support of the ________________
__ Include "Big-Box" retail development as one of the issues on which elected officials are scored
__ Include a question about "Big-Box" retail as a topic at your organization.s candidate forums
__ Include a question about "Big-Box" retail in your candidate screenings

__ Recruit other organizations to join the __________ campaign.
Name of organization: _________________________________________
__ Recruit volunteers to participate Wal-Mart actions
__ Send a Letter to the Editor
__ Other
(please explain):_______________________

Financial Committment:
__$5,000 __$2,500 __$1,000 __$500 __$100

Please return to:
Bernie Hesse
1602 Thomas Avenue,
St. Paul, MN 55104
or send via
fax: 651-451-8227