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These organizations offer alternatives.



This website outlines a proposal from The Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) for a set of new rules that builds community by supporting humanly scaled politics and economics. The rules call for:

      Decisions made by those who will feel the impact of those decisions.

      Communities accepting responsibility for the welfare of their members and for the next generation.

      Households and communities possessing or owning sufficient productive capacity to generate real wealth.



The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy is recognized as a national authority on issues affecting the working poor and an innovator in the fight against working poverty. In 2001, LAANE launched its new accountable development program, which has won landmark agreements ensuring that developers provide quality jobs and community benefits in exchange for public subsidies.



Good Jobs First helps grassroots groups and policy-makers ensure that economic development subsidies are accountable and effective. GJF works with a broad spectrum of organizations as they seek to ensure that subsidized businesses are held accountable for family-wage jobs and other effective results.