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Sisters and Brothers of the Word,

With our first assembly of bookstore workers behind us, and, as Subcomandante Marcos teaches us, .the war for the word begun,. the Union of Radical Workers and Writers re-assembles in cyberspace to organize, educate, and resist.

U.R.W.W. seeks no members, collects no dues. We leave these tasks to the traditional trade unionists. Instead, we subvert spaces, construct networks, globalize dissent, socialize the American labor movement, and radicalize workers of the world.

As the American Democratic candidates debate the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States, and propose various solutions (these being the same Democrats who voted to pass NAFTA in the first place), we, the U.R.W.W., propose that there is nothing sacred about manufacturing jobs. What is sacred is the historical struggle of American workers to unionize manufacturing jobs, to force corporations, through historic struggles of workers joined in solidarity, to pay living wages, provide health care benefits, etc.

Today, America's largest employer - and its largest bookseller - is Wal-Mart. We propose to fight against Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and others - as our ancestors did earlier this century at Bethlehem Steel, General Motors, General Electric, and elsewhere - to build a radical cadre of service and cultural workers to bring the struggle to today's corporations, to unionize these corporations, and to bring to their employees a living wage, health care benefits, workers councils, and other benefits.

The number of union households in the United States has decreased for twenty consecutive years, while the number of corporate bookstores and retail giants has consumed the American landscape. We must never allow these multinational corporations a moment's rest. We must engage in the radical struggle to organize and educate workers in these stores as our ancestors were organized and educated at their hazardous, de-humanizing jobs in textile mills, coal mines, steel plants, auto factories, and elsewhere. We must fight the global dehumanization of service workers, industrial workers, and cultural workers. We must struggle and resist.

"The war for the word has begun."

Free Speech!
Free Press!
Class Struggle!

A preliminary salvo from the U.R.W.W. network

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